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FlexGraphics - is a set of components for creating vector graphics applications under Borland Delphi/C++Builder. The library's implementation is based on Windows GDI and supports the following graphical objects:

  • line;
  • box (including the rounded box);
  • circle (ellipse);
  • poly-line;
  • polygon;
  • curve;
  • text (including multi-line text);
  • bitmap raster image (WMF, BMP, ICO, JPG, JPEG, GIF, EMF).


There is one tool for line, poly-line, polygon objects (holding a modifier button pressed will allow conversion of lines to poly-lines or polygons and vice versa).


FlexGraphics library features the following functionality:

  • one document may contain multiple charts that can be cross-referenced from various objects belonging to various pages (charts);
  • page background and background image are fully supported;
  • multiple layers support (layer can be editable, readable and hidden);
  • textual and binary document format;
  • object groups are supported;
  • undo/redo is supported;
  • flexible connection lines;
  • line cap styles;
  • two kinds of grid are supported: fixed step grid and exact grid which is extremely important in design process; grid offsets;
  • object alignment is supported;
  • object mirror is supported;
  • object rotate is supported (only 90);
  • angled text support;
  • gradient fill of bound objects;
  • true transparency is supported;
  • objects and groups of objects have the following attributes: ID, name, hint, tag, layer, user fields (stored in document body) and others depending on object type;
  • various information (both local and contained in database) can be attached to documents;
  • objects can be copied, duplicated, moved, cut or copied to Windows clipboard or other applications;
  • objects can be stored in database for the purposes of further design optimization;
  • full control of all objects at run time including the ability to access objects both by ID and by name;
  • image zooming is supported;
  • image can be printed;
  • image can be exported to WMF;
  • documents and image libraries can be saved both locally and in internal database;
  • new curve positioning functions (new tutorial CurveDemo).

Common uses of FlexGraphics library:

  • building interactive plots of facilities or parts of facilities
    (screenshot #1 - 122 KB, screenshot #2 - 126 KB);
  • creation of drawings, plots, electrical, concept and mnemonic charts
    (screenshot #3 - 111 KB);
  • visualization of information being received from various sensors in real time
    (screenshot #4 - 90 KB);
  • building mini GIS systems
    (screenshot #5 - 190 KB).
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January 8, 2022
  - FlexGraphics v1.82 release !!!

What's new:
  - Support for Delphi/CBuilder 11 packages;
  - Minor bug fixes;

October 3, 2020
  - FlexGraphics v1.81 release

What's new:
  - Support for Delphi/CBuilder XE8, 10 - 10.4 packages;

September 17, 2014
  - FlexGraphics v1.78 release

What's new:
  - Support for Delphi/CBuilder XE4 - XE7 packages;

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